All of our products are manufactured at our plant in Boise, Idaho. All lumber is stored here and all orders are processed and shipped from here. This centralization gives us perfect control over the quality and delivery timing of our products. Because of changing lumber prices and the custom nature of our business a price list is not practical. Please call for quotes on each order.

ORDERING: Orders should include the following information:

  • Pattern number
  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Specified lengths or linear footage
  • Whether paint grade or stain grade
  • When delivery is needed


At Boise Moulding & Lumber Co. we are accustomed to working with architectural specifications and we are familiar with the AWI standards of quality control. We have the ability to work from architectural drawing, blueprints or samples of materials. We can give information about the properties of the materials we use and we welcome inquiries and suggestions.

Please Contact us at:

(208) 322-6066
Toll Free (800) 627-6066
Fax (208) 322-6633


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