Hardwood & Softwood Moulding

Boise Moulding & Lumber Co. produces a full line of linear mouldings, any pattern, any wood. Our location in the Northwest gives us excellent access to the dense old-growth western softwoods with their high ring count and soft texture, both of which are ideal for millwork. Our mill contracts in the eastern U.S. provide us with a reliable supply of high quality hardwood stock. Our moulding profiles are taken from the Boise Moulding & Lumber Co. Library of Millwork Design Catalogs with volumes dating back to the late 1800's, and from historical publications. Together they represent an accurate record of the development of patterned wood trim as it has evolved to the present. We can produce historically correct profiles upon request or we can work from any of the series catalogs including the contemporary WM book. We can also match drawings or wood samples.

Our staff is available to suggest practical ways that mouldings can be grouped or built up and ways of combining them with other millwork elements to help a user achieve a certain look.

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